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Our 30 Day Guarantee

You will not be billed unless you keep your account open beyond the 30-day free trial. If you are not completely satisfied, you may easily cancel at anytime during your trial and you will not be charged a thing. No questions, no hassles!

You Get All This and More!


Use It Everywhere

Dial in via toll-free and local numbers in 45+ countries, or request our system to dial and connect anyone worldwide.


Superior Call Quality

Experience crystal clear conference call sound quality through our network of Tier 1 carriers around the world.


Always Ready

Start a global conference call without any prior reservations or time restrictions. Stay connected 24/7/365.


A Host of Advanced Features

Utilize group dialing, in-call touchtone commands, and other online conference tools.


Record and Listen Later

Record your conference call on-the-fly using handy touchtone commands and download past recordings.

Makes Financial Sense

Lower costs by 90% through our low teleconferencing rates without long term contracts. We’ll prove it.


Get Free Conference Calls for One Month



For more than 18 years, Universal Calling Inc. has been delivering unparalleled quality and reliability within the prepaid telecommunications industry.

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